Leah At A Glance - by Tim

Leah Nichole Sannar was born in Austin, TX. She is the oldest of 3 girls. She grew up in a very active household with young parents that always did fun stuff with them. They played volleyball and games together, rode bikes and always enjoyed each other's company. She continued to play volleyball all through high school and sang in auditioned choirs. Leah loves to sing and does so on an almost continual basis. No matter what we're doing, she seems to also be singing a song. Her family moved to the Seattle, WA area when she was 9, so she spent her teenager years there. She loves to participate in, and help plan charity events such as Race For The Cure, Relay For Life and Aids Walk.

Leah, who is known as "Nikki" to family and close friends, has a wonderful sense of humor. Sometimes we just look at each other while driving somewhere in the car and bust out laughing. She makes the best of any situation and that's why we always have fun. Nikki has the kindest heart; she can't even handle it when animals die on National Geographic. I love that her heart is filled with the desire to always help others in need. She has something that not many people do, and it is difficult to describe. People that meet her for the first time simply say "she just lights up a room"! I can't imagine my life with anybody else. She completes me.


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