Sannar Photo Album

Tim and I on our wedding day, this one is pretty obvious. :o) 
We are engaged in this photo about a month before our wedding and we were hanging out at our friends' house. 
This photo was taken on the Oregon Coast right after Tim got home from his mission. We weren't even engaged quite yet.  
We went to Utah to tour a college for my little sister. These are my parents and my youngest sister. There's another one between us, but she couldn't make it on this trip.  
Leah and Taylor (Leah's youngest sister) at Utah State University - where Taylor later enrolled! 
 This is the house we are renting right now while we are purchasing our home. We have been very comfortable here, but are so excited to own our very first home!
Josie & Keno - these are our "babies". They are a big part of our life and we love having animals around.

Tim and Leah celebrating Christmas at Grandma Annie's house. Christmas is a big deal at our house and we love family traditions!

We seriously despise professional pictures because we NEVER feel like we look normal... but every couple years or so, our family always wants to get them done. So, here are a couple of the most recent.

And of course the necessary goofy shot.

On our 1st Anniversary, we went to Disneyworld, and here we are sharing a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich.  
Another shot from Disneyland :o) 
Josie Belle - Our Silky Terrier

Keno - Our Mutt
(we've had him as long as we've been married)
Leah, with friend Lindsay (left) and Sister-in-Law Micki (right) at Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure. 
Always camera happy. 
Tim and Keno at a river in Austin. This shot is one of my favorites. :o)

Welcome to our Adoption Blog!

Thank you so much for taking some time to check out our blog and getting to know us just a little bit better! We are so excited about the opportunity to someday become parents and raise a sweet spirit in our family. We put together some pictures and stuff about "us" that we thought you might enjoy. I hope you have as much fun reading it, as we had writing it! We already have such a special place in our heart for the child who will bless our family and look forward to having a relationship with his/her birthmother through an open adoption.

Why Adopt?

We have spent so much time thinking and pondering how you might feel about the decision to place your child for adoption; and while we can't quite imagine what that's like, it has made us realize that since we're wondering about you, maybe you're also wondering about us and our decision to adopt!

So here's a little bit about us and how we got to this place: Tim and I married when we were 23 and always, always knew we wanted to be parents. But being newlyweds, we thought it would be fun to take a year or two to experience marriage before we added children to our family. In 2006, after we had been maried 2 years, we decided it was time to start trying and were so very excited about it! A few months went by and no luck... Even though we weren't really worried about it, we decided to not waste more time and go ahead with fertility testing. We were told that my FSH levels were high and planned to go ahead with fertility treatments. However, in May of 2007, I became very sick and ended up in the hospital. Lucky I got sick, because they actually found Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma while I was there and we were able to start Chemotherapy in the early stages. While I am very blessed to be healthy and completely cancer free today, the chemo left me unable to conceive naturally.

We have felt Heavenly Father's hand in every step of our lives and know that adoption was what He wanted for us. Even before Tim and I learned that we would not be able to have children on our own, we had great feelings towards adoption. We both have known it's blessing in other people's lives. We are so excited to have a child join our family and look forward to an open adoption with the beautiful mother who chooses us.

Leah At A Glance - by Tim

Leah Nichole Sannar was born in Austin, TX. She is the oldest of 3 girls. She grew up in a very active household with young parents that always did fun stuff with them. They played volleyball and games together, rode bikes and always enjoyed each other's company. She continued to play volleyball all through high school and sang in auditioned choirs. Leah loves to sing and does so on an almost continual basis. No matter what we're doing, she seems to also be singing a song. Her family moved to the Seattle, WA area when she was 9, so she spent her teenager years there. She loves to participate in, and help plan charity events such as Race For The Cure, Relay For Life and Aids Walk.

Leah, who is known as "Nikki" to family and close friends, has a wonderful sense of humor. Sometimes we just look at each other while driving somewhere in the car and bust out laughing. She makes the best of any situation and that's why we always have fun. Nikki has the kindest heart; she can't even handle it when animals die on National Geographic. I love that her heart is filled with the desire to always help others in need. She has something that not many people do, and it is difficult to describe. People that meet her for the first time simply say "she just lights up a room"! I can't imagine my life with anybody else. She completes me.

Tim At A Glance - by Leah

Timothy Sean Sannar was born in a very small town called Silverton, OR. He is the youngest of 5 children; 3 brothers and 1 sister. Tim grew up playing in the woods, camping, scouting, riding his bike, played some football and soccer, and started snowboarding at a young age. When he was 16 he moved to Orem, UT and graduated high school with honors and received his Eagle Scout at the age of 17. Tim spent a lot of time with his niece and nephews and developed strong family ties. He was called to serve a mission in Antofogasta, Chile and had an amazing experience there, serving the Lord. Tim has also been blessed with an incredible talent for Spanish. He is fluent as a result of his mission, and continues to use the language in his work on a daily basis.

Tim has such a great personality. He is outgoing, hilarious and has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at ease. An incredibly hard worker, Tim has amazed me over and over again with his work ethic and loyalty. He is always well-respected and sets a great example to those around him. Tim is always doing something to make you laugh and he never fails to completely surprise you with something.

Letter to Birthparents

Tim and I love children and have always known that being parents was on the top of our “Can’t Wait For” list. So upon discovering that natural childbirth was not an option for us, we immediately began to pray about adoption. The more we learned about it, the more we realized what an amazing opportunity it was and the perfect answer for us.
We met when we were 19 and quickly became best friends. Within a few months, we were dating and soon after, we were very much in love. Letters were exchanged while Tim served a mission in Antofagasta, Chile and in December of 2004, we were married in the Seattle, WA Temple. Life since that day has been an amazing adventure.

Tim manages our family business that will soon become his company, while I work as an Office Manager/Accountant for a Drug & Alcohol Recovery center. We both look forward to the day when we adopt and I get to stay home and raise our children.

As often as possible, we like to go play and have fun. Tim is kind of “all over the map” and his interests range everywhere from VW’s to hiking boots. He grew up in a small town in Oregon, and loves anything that has to do with the outdoors. Camping, biking, and rock climbing are some of his favorites and he’s also a great snowboarder. I love the outdoors and sports, and have played volleyball my whole life. I am very passionate about music and love to sing. Scrapbooking is a favorite pastime of mine and I get excited about any kind of crafty project. Together, we love to travel; whether its road trips, day trips or flying cross country, our favorite thing to do is countdown to a vacation!

Family is extremely important to us and we were both raised in wonderful families with great siblings and dedicated, exceptional parents. They taught us the kind of people and parents we want to be. We are blessed to maintain very close relationships with them today.

We would like to express our gratitude in being able to share with you a little bit about ourselves. The decision to place your child for adoption is so important and difficult; we hope that as you consider it, you feel the peace and love of the Savior as strongly as we do when we think of the amazing sacrifice you would be making. We have been through many ups and downs together and have built a strong foundation and an unbreakable bond. We have felt our Heavenly Father’s love each and every day through the many blessings in our lives and we pray often for the incredible blessing of raising a child. As we prepare for the next step in our family, our hearts are filled with so much joy and excitement. We pray daily for the sweet baby that will soon bless our family and look forward to sharing an open adoption.

With love, hope and excitement –

Tim & Leah Sannar

Our Contact Information

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