Sannar Photo Album

Tim and I on our wedding day, this one is pretty obvious. :o) 
We are engaged in this photo about a month before our wedding and we were hanging out at our friends' house. 
This photo was taken on the Oregon Coast right after Tim got home from his mission. We weren't even engaged quite yet.  
We went to Utah to tour a college for my little sister. These are my parents and my youngest sister. There's another one between us, but she couldn't make it on this trip.  
Leah and Taylor (Leah's youngest sister) at Utah State University - where Taylor later enrolled! 
 This is the house we are renting right now while we are purchasing our home. We have been very comfortable here, but are so excited to own our very first home!
Josie & Keno - these are our "babies". They are a big part of our life and we love having animals around.

Tim and Leah celebrating Christmas at Grandma Annie's house. Christmas is a big deal at our house and we love family traditions!

We seriously despise professional pictures because we NEVER feel like we look normal... but every couple years or so, our family always wants to get them done. So, here are a couple of the most recent.

And of course the necessary goofy shot.

On our 1st Anniversary, we went to Disneyworld, and here we are sharing a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich.  
Another shot from Disneyland :o) 
Josie Belle - Our Silky Terrier

Keno - Our Mutt
(we've had him as long as we've been married)
Leah, with friend Lindsay (left) and Sister-in-Law Micki (right) at Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure. 
Always camera happy. 
Tim and Keno at a river in Austin. This shot is one of my favorites. :o)


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